Manufacturers of high-quality plywood board since 1984

Our company

Since our company was founded in 1984, we have manufactured plywood board made of poplar, pine and other varieties, specialising in cutting to size and all kinds of customisations and finishes.

Thanks to our over 35 years’ experience in the sector and our constant focus on improving performance, productivity and competitiveness, we are able to offer our customers an extremely high-quality product and a completely reliable service.

catenva tablero contrachapado

Since 1984

committed to sustainability and quality.

tableros de chopos

80,000 m²

surface area.

60,000 m³

of plywood board produced annually.

Fabricante de tableros contrachapados

140,000 m³

of wood in Spain.


We carry out the entire plywood board manufacturing process at our facilities.

In addition, we have extensive storage space in order to quickly supply our customers.

Plywood board


The use of wood from sustainably managed forests is a way of actively contributing to preserving the planet’s resources.

At Catenva, we have been awarded the PEFC™ and FSC® international certifications, guaranteeing that the wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests.


Plywood is a type of wood board made by joining and pressing together several wood veneers.

This construction guarantees stability and gives the product superior technical properties, including high impact resistance and excellent moisture resistance.

At Catenva, we mainly manufacture poplar and pine wood.


Wood absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2), and it remains stored in the plywood throughout its life cycle.

Furthermore, manufacturing plywood requires an extremely low energy consumption compared to the energy needed to produce other materials.

Production process

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