Plywood for packaging

  • We manufacture poplar and pine plywood board specially designed to be made into wooden containers for fruit and vegetables.
  • We cut the plywood board to any size required by our customers with accuracy and precision.
  • We also offer the possibility of applying all kinds of finishes, such as paint, design printing or die cutting.

Industrial plywood

  • For uses such as industrial packaging, furniture production, DIY and others, we manufacture plywood board in any size, composition and wood.
  • Thanks to our versatility and flexible manufacturing process, we can create the exact plywood required, with any thickness and combination of wood or other materials.
  • Thanks to our broad experience in the sector, if required, we can offer assistance in the design of plywood board depending on the needs of use in terms of quality, lightness, machining, resistance, etc.

Related products

  • In line with our philosophy based on sustainability and the importance of wood as a natural and environmentally friendly product, we turn the waste from the plywood manufacturing process into wood by-products to be used in other areas.
  • The main by-products include:
    • Wood chip: it is produced during the first phase of processing the trunk. It is used to manufacture chipboard, among other things.
    • Poplar core: it is produced during rotary cutting of the poplar. It can be of different sizes and can be used for the production of wooden pallets or for gardening, among other things.

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